What Causes Roof Sheathing to Rot?

Roof SheathingAlthough it is not seen by the naked eye, sheathing is actually one of the more essential parts of your roof. In fact, your roof could appear just fine, but underneath, the sheathing could be rotting. Made from either wood or particle board, sheathing lies underneath your shingles and if it starts to deteriorate, it could lead to leaks and serious damage to your roof and home.

The Importance of Roof Sheathing

So why is roof sheathing important? For starters, it serves as a protective layer that prevents moisture from penetrating into your home, which is vital when rain and snow piles up.

How Does Roof Sheathing Rot?

In most cases, if your roof was installed correctly, you should not be overly concerned about the sheathing under your roof rotting. Nevertheless, it can and does happen when the sheathing is exposed to an overabundance of moisture. For instance, if your sheathing is getting up there in years and is exposed to a long period of rain, it may not have enough time to dry, thus beginning the rotting process.

Signs Your Sheathing is Rotting

As mentioned, it is near impossible to see roof sheathing, making it very hard to determine when it starts to rot. Nonetheless, there are still telltale signs that indicate you have a sheeting issue. For starters, you may notice a leak in your ceilings that originated from your roof. Moreover, if you notice your ceiling is starting to sag, sheathing could be the culprit. Harmfully, rotted sheathing could cause mild and mildew growth in your home, further causing issues for homeowners.

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