Here’s Why You Should Have Your Roof Inspected After Winter

Roof EstimatesRoofing by Bruce, serving the Poconos region near East Stroudsburg, PA, recommends that you get a roof estimate after the winter months. Why do this? Well, winter can cause a lot of damage to roofs thanks to cold temperatures, freezing and thawing, ice, snow, sleet and wind… winter weather is rough on roofs!

Shingles May Have Been Lifted Off

Roof estimates in the springtime can check for any shingles that have lifted up or come off completely thanks to winter weather. When you have shingle issues, water/moisture can get in and damage layers below the roofing… and eventually cause damage inside your home. Inspectors can also check around chimneys and skylights, which are areas that tend to leak and have problems. Also, inspectors will take a look at gutters and downspouts to make sure there are no blockages or missing pieces. If you don’t have good drainage, water gets into the wrong places and causes more headaches.

Be Proactive Rather Than Reactive

It’s better to catch problems early than wait ‘til it’s “too late” and damage is “beyond repair.” After all, the longer a roofing problem goes on without being addressed, the more expensive the roof repairs— or roof replacement— will be. So, you can save on costly repairs by scheduling a springtime roofing estimate. Roofing by Bruce offers expert estimates at an affordable price.

Water Stains From Roofing Issues

Have you noticed any water stains in your home? These often happen on ceilings and walls. When you see water stains in spots that were previously dry and “normal,” then you’ve got roof issues that need immediate attention. Protect your home’s interior by having the exterior looked at every couple months– and that includes having your roof checked, as well as siding and other areas where damage could occur.

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