The Truth About Having Skylights In Your Home In the Poconos

Skylights on RoofDo you live in the Poconos and want skylights in your house? What are some myths to ignore about skylights?

They Don’t Leak

The main myth about skylights is that they’re going to leak. “Oh, I don’t want to get a skylight put in because it’ll leak for sure,” is often said by people. But is that true? No. Skylights don’t typically leak. What could happen is this: water damage to the roof, near a skylight, could end up causing skylight problems whereas a homeowner thinks the leak is coming directly from the skylight when in reality it’s something wrong around that skylight. If you suspect you have an issue, have Roofing by Bruce do a water damage estimate.

Installation Is Not Overly Complicated

Another myth about skylights is that they’re hard to install. Actually, it’s pretty easy to install a skylight and it can typically be done in a day. A hole is cut in the roof. There’s a frame involved, and the skylight gets attached… an underlay is added to the shingles, there’s step flashing and metal flashing, and that’s it!

You Don’t Have to Worry About Too Much Sun

What about this one? “Skylights let too much sun in!” Maybe on super sunny days, but in Pennsylvania, there are many cloudy days during the year. That said, if you’re worried about “too much sun,” there’s a special film that can be applied to reduce brightness and UV passage. Blackout curtains on command hooks can also be utilized if needed.

Related to the “too much sun” myth is that skylights can overheat your home. This is a myth. Thermal windows keep inside temperatures isolated and reduce the impact that external weather has, so you don’t have to worry about your house becoming too hot if you have skylights.

Do you have any questions about skylights? Or concerns? Call Roofing by Bruce at 570-424-8891. Roofing by Bruce serves the Poconos and is located in East Stroudsburg, PA.

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