The Importance of Quality Masonry Construction

masonry, chimney, fireplaceMasonry construction involves building structures, like chimneys and fireplaces, using common materials like brick or stone laid in and bound together by mortar, a workable paste which eventually hardens, binding several units together. 

The Importance of Masonry Construction

Why is masonry important? Well, it’s how many structures–perhaps your house or elements of your house– are literally put together. Furthermore, masonry is a highly durable form of construction. You want your house to withstand the weather over decades? If you have quality mortar and workmanship, expect your place to hold up to storms and such for many years. 

Masonry has been around for centuries. Its strength, style and aforementioned durability are key reasons that masonry endures. 

In business since 1985, Roofing by Bruce/Bruce’s Chimney Service is known for masonry and chimney repair in East Stroudsburg, PA, and the surrounding towns of the Poconos. If you have issues with your chimneys, fireplaces, etc., and you need work done to improve or repair your stone, brick, stucco or block work, call Bruce. We work with all materials and provide quality products and labor as a full service company solving onsite problems with masonry and chimney systems.

Do you need a new fireplace or chimney built? Bruce can do it. Need an old fireplace or chimney repaired? Bruce can do that, too. Offering digital evaluations, Bruce can also handle services like masonry cap installations, waterproofing, repointing/flashing, flue repair, chimney relining and more. 

Proper low-maintenance masonry can add insulation to a home, which helps lower utility bills. It can also offer protection from pests like termites or problems like mold and fungus growth.

Do you need sensible, practical and cost-effective solutions that’ll work for the long term? Is your house in Monroe County, Pennsylvania? Call Bruce at 570-424-8891 or email You can also use the online contact page, here

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