Here’s What New Homeowners Should Know About Their Roof

Roof With Moss On ItSo you’re a new homeowner? Congrats! It’s a major accomplishment to buy a home. If it’s a brand new one, great! If it’s an older home, when’s the last time the roof was replaced? You should have some paperwork indicating that information, and have it handy anytime you’re thinking about having repairs or a replacement done…

No Loose Debris

Now, what should new homeowners know about their roof? To maintain it, it’s a good idea to keep loose debris off of it! So, if you see leaves, branches or other debris up there, remove whatever you can and/or hire someone like Roofing By Bruce to do the job. You’ll want debris gone from the roof so that it doesn’t interfere with the gutters, clogging them up.

What to Look For

It’s a smart idea to inspect your roof regularly. From the ground, you can look up and see how it looks– notice if there are any loose/missing shingles, for instance. If you have a drone, fly it high and get a bird’s eye view of your roof! Or, if you’re up to it, use a ladder and climb on the roof to check it every once in a while. If none of this appeals to you, then have Roofing By Bruce come by and do an annual estimate. A roofer knows what to look for, including cracks, leaks and/or mold.

Remove Moss and Algae

If there’s moss/algae growing on your roof, that’s not good. Remove it. You can use a moss cleaner and let the store-bought solution do the work, brushing/sweeping away the moss/algae with a broom or brush. If this sounds too messy, hire Roofing By Bruce to do it.

Prevent Ice Dams

When the winter storms come through the Poconos, it’s a good idea to keep your roof as snow-free as possible. This will help prevent ice dams from forming, which, in turn, helps prevent leaks and damages. You can use a snow rake or shovel to get snow off your roof– and doing so also helps rid the roof of excess weight, so that’s a bonus.

Be Prepared for the Expiration Date

Finally, keep in mind that a roof won’t last forever. As mentioned before, you should know how “old” your roof is on the “new” house. Typically, roofs need replacing every 15-25 years or so. You can ask the builder or previous owner for their thoughts on this, as well as do some online research. Furthermore, you can establish a connection with Roofing By Bruce, such that when it comes time for roof repairs or roof replacement, you’ve “got a guy” you can turn to in order to get the job done!

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