Things Your Roofing Company May Not Be Telling You

Roofing CompaniesNot all roofing companies are created equal. Some are better at their jobs than others, and some will take the time to explain what they’re doing “up there” so the homeowner truly understands the work being done. What are some things a roofing company may not be telling you?

Roofing Estimates

First, did you know that a roof should be inspected annually? Doing so helps protect the roof– and maintenance can be done before problems get out of control. In fact, if you want to be really diligent about it, consider having your roof inspected twice a year– once in the spring and once in the fall. You’d be surprised at how many homeowners never get their roofs inspected! And they’ll say, “No one told me I needed to.”


Maintaining a roof helps save people money. Think of it this way: if maintained well, a roof can last longer than one that’s not… so a well-maintained roof could last 30 years compared to one that’s neglected, lasting, for example, 15 years.

The Truth About Longitude

Some roofing companies don’t tell homeowners a simple truth: the average roof shingle doesn’t last 30 years without maintenance! Yes, even shingles need maintenance sometimes. If you were a shingle, could you imagine all the rain, snow and wind you’d have to battle, day-in and day-out? It’s no wonder some shingles crack or go missing.


Do you see any black streaks on your roof? If so, that’s roof mold. It’s not something all roofing companies care to mention to you, but if you’ve got a moldy roof, it’s going to deteriorate! Ideally, mold should be removed– it’s not a good thing to have on the roof.


How about the roof warranty? Conveniently, some roofing companies may neglect to explain their warranties, and you could end up being told, “Sorry, it’s void.”


Finally, what about leaks? Did you know that it typically takes up to 2 years before a roof leak will “show up” as a stain on the ceiling in your home? So what you think is recent is probably something that’s been slowly but surely building up over many months… and eventually you could end up with a hole in your ceiling/roof– not fun.

If you live in the Poconos, and you’ve got a roof, when’s the last time you had it professionally inspected? When’s the last time you paid attention to its maintenance? If it has been a while, now’s the time to call Roofing by Bruce at 570-424-8891.

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