Why Would My Chimney Leak?

chimney on snowy roof with leaking issues It’s that time of year when people start using their fireplaces. After all, around the holidays it is nice to have a warm fire going, isn’t it? What about chimneys at this time of year? Why might they leak?

Flashing Issue

The main reason you could have a leaky chimney is because of a flashing issue. Flashing is metal that’s placed where the roof meets the chimney. If you look closely, you’ll notice there’s base flashing and/or step flashing, which make an L shaped bend up along the side of the chimney. There’s also counter flashing, which covers the top of the step flashing and doesn’t allow water to enter behind it. You can typically see the counter flashing from the ground or road view; It’s generally set into the masonry wall. If and when you’ve got a problem with the flashing, such as a crack, hole, or loosening, then you could easily experience a chimney leak. You might need to have your flashing replaced by a company like Roofing by Bruce/Bruce’s Chimney Service.

Structure Issues

You might need to call a professional to come check your chimney if you’re experiencing a leaky chimney due to problems with the masonry structure and cement cap. Bricks or stones may crack, allowing water in… Mortar joints may fail, too. If you notice the face of your chimney bricks have popped off and are laying on the roof, you’ve got an issue.

Condensation Leak

Finally, there’s the issue of condensation, which isn’t really a water leak, but it’s just as annoying. If you have a gas furnace or gas water heater that’s vented through an old chimney, or you have a fireplace that has gas logs and the chimney liner is cracked, condensation can occur which people think is a “leak.”

If and when you suspect your chimney has a problem, and you live in the Poconos region, call Roofing by Bruce/Bruce’s Chimney Service and ask for an estimate. Please call 570-424-8891 or email info@roofingbybruce.com to make an appointment.

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