Roof Leaks Are Common During Winter

It’s that time of year: winter. If you take a look around, you’ll probably notice ice dams on many area roofs in the East Stroudsburg area. Those aren’t good. You don’t want them hanging heavy on your house. If you can’t remove them yourself, you should call a professional like Roofing by Bruce to do so for you. Otherwise you could easily experience roof leaks. What are some common causes of roof leaks?

Roof Flashing

If you take a look at your roof flashing, which are the thin pieces of metal (which may have a rubberized coating overtop) that you’ll mostly notice on the joints of your roof and/or around your chimneys, they could get broken or cracked to the point where they’re letting water inside your house. Wind and rain might have caused their tar seals to corrode over time; Your flashing might need replacing. This is especially true around roof vents and their small pipes sticking out of the roof.

Missing Shingles

Relatedly, you might have broken or missing shingles, and heavy rain or high winds cause roof leaks because of these less-than-perfect shingles not offering proper protection from the elements.

Ice Dams

In the winter time you might get ice dam buildups, and this is where you get heavy icicles hanging from the gutters. Water isn’t draining off the roof properly. It’s freezing at the edges, which puts too much weight on your poor roof– damages can easily occur.

Other reasons your roof could leak include improperly installed skylights, clogged gutters, or a cracked chimney. If there’s condensation in your attic, that could indicate you’ve got water getting inside the house from a roof leak.

In the Poconos of Pennsylvania, you can call Roofing by Bruce to inspect, repair or replace your roof. This is especially important if you’ve got roof leaks and/or ice dams forming this winter. Please call 570-424-8891 to schedule an appointment.

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