How Often Should You Replace the Siding on Your Home?

New beige siding on a home When’s the last time you took a careful look at your siding? If you’re like most people, you barely notice it unless something is majorly wrong, such as a giant crack or hole in it. Oftentimes, siding gets damaged by storms. If and when siding looks bad or isn’t functioning as intended, it’s time for repairs or replacement siding, and in the Poconos, you can call Roofing by Bruce at 570-424-8891 to discuss your siding needs.

General Rules of Thumb When Replacing the Siding on Your Home

How often should you replace siding? Well, the general answer is every 20 to 40 years as needed. Siding will last a certain amount of time depending on its quality and thickness, as well as the way you take care of it over time. If you have wood siding, it lasts a long time but be aware that mold, pests and rot may mess with it. Painting, sealing, staining and refinishing wood siding can help it last a long time. Aluminum siding can start to fade after 15 years so it may need to be repainted. Vinyl siding should maintain its color over time, but it can get dirty and might need to be cleaned.

What are some signs that it’s time to replace your siding? If you notice rotting, crumbling, cracks or gaps, it’s probably time. When maintenance becomes “too much,” it makes sense to just replace it rather than keep making little repairs here and there.

The Poconos of Pennsylvania can certainly have intense seasons with all sorts of weather beating up a home’s roof, siding, etc. Therefore, Roofing by Bruce is often called to make siding repairs, as well as doing installation of insulated siding, vinyl siding and/or cedar siding.

Want to take a look at siding samples in the showroom? Roofing by Bruce’s showroom is on Business Route 209 in East Stroudsburg, PA, and open weekdays 9 to 5. For more info, call 570-424-8891 or email

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