What Can I do About a Leaky Roof in the Winter?

roof covered snowWinter weather in the Poconos/Pennsylvania can be brutal. You have howling winds, snow squalls, icicles, sleet, freezing rain– you name it, it’s rough! Imagine what your roof has to endure during the winter. You might end up with a roof leak this winter if you get ice dams freezing at your eaves, or you have clogged gutters or damaged shingles.

How Winter Weather Affects Your Roof

Good roofs get rid of water– it goes to the gutters and then down downspouts, away from the home’s foundation. However, for various reasons, sometimes water pools on parts of the roof and it gets heavy and causes problems. With winter weather, you have water freezing and then melting and then freezing again. This can cause water leaks on your roof! Meanwhile, the fierce winds of winter can blow shingles off the roof, and if they’re not protecting the roof underlayment as intended, you get moisture in there, and that causes rot. Pretty soon, you might have holes in the roof or worse– a sagging roof that’s in danger of caving in.

Catch Winter Leaks Early!

If you can catch winter roof leaks early before they get out of hand, and have a company like Roofing By Bruce make needed roof repairs, you’ll be good. Should you notice any stains/spots on interior/exterior walls, or water dripping from your ceiling, that means you should call a professional and have them take a look. You don’t want a little leak to turn into a big, expensive one.

Roofing By Bruce knows all about tough PA winters and what they can do to area roofs. Did you know Roofing By Bruce installs shingles with a nor-eastern nailing pattern to create an extra hold for ice, snow, sun and extreme winds? That’s just a local way to fight against the bad winter weather! Furthermore, if and when you suspect something’s wrong with your roof, call Roofing By Bruce and have them come take a look. It’s best to get a problem repaired quickly rather than let it linger for weeks or months!

For more info, call Roofing By Bruce at 570-424-8891.

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