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How Often Should You Replace the Siding on Your Home?

When’s the last time you took a careful look at your siding? If you’re like most people, you barely notice it unless something is majorly wrong, such as a giant crack or hole in it. Oftentimes, siding gets damaged by storms. If and when siding looks bad or isn’t functioning as intended, it’s time for… Read more »

Can Old Siding Cause Leaks In Your Home?

Most people think about leaks coming from a problem with the roof, right? But what about siding? What should you know about siding causing a leak in your home? Signs You Have a Siding Leak Siding leaks can occur when heavy, wind-driven rain pushes moisture into seams or cracks in the siding. This can especially… Read more »

The Advantages of Insulated Vinyl Siding

Insulated Vinyl Siding

When you have insulated vinyl siding installed on the outside of your home, it will make your house look great and instantly improve your curb appeal. But insulated vinyl siding will also do more than just give your property’s appearance a boost. Here are some of the other advantages that come along with installing it…. Read more »

Reasons to Have Your Siding Replaced After Winter

Replacing Your Home's Siding

When the weather starts to warm up and there’s little or no chance of snowstorms, it’s springtime and people start to think about good ol’ spring cleaning. During the months of April and May it’s a good time to go outside and walk around your house, surveying how the place fared during the past winter…. Read more »