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The Adverse Effects of Snow and Ice on Your Roof

The roof of a house is covered in snow and ice after a winter storm

Winter weather in Pennsylvania can be brutal. You know how it is: whipping winds, blinding snowstorms, icicles hanging from gutters, etc. Freezing cold temperatures coupled with snow and ice can really affect your roof. Winter Can Cause Your Roof Severe Stress Humans experience stress, right? Well so do roofs, especially in the winter when they’re… Read more »

Are Cedar Shake Roofs Good Investments?

Shingle red cedar wooden shake roof tiles

What do you know about cedar shake roofs? Used on both residential and commercial buildings around the world, cedar shake roofs are available in beautiful colors, including ambers, reds, golds and browns. For a “natural look” for your roof, cedar shake is the way to go! Maintains Its Shapes Even in humid conditions, cedar shake… Read more »

Things to Know About Cedar Shake Roofs

Cedar Shake Roofs

Are you thinking about which type of roof you’d like on your home? If so, cedar shake roofs are a great option. They can provide your home with a more rustic look and last for many years to come. Before you settle on a cedar shake roof, though, you should take the time to learn… Read more »

What Are the Benefits of Having a Slate Roof For Your Home?

The Benefits of Slate Roofing

Is it time to put a new roof on your home? If so, there are myriad types of roofs that could suit your home. From regular asphalt shingle roofs to cedar shake roofs, you’ll have no shortage of options. Nevertheless, one of the best ones will be slate roofs. Take a look at a few… Read more »

What Are the Benefits of Flat Roofs?

Flat Roof Installations

Do you need a new roof at the moment? If yes, you may consider going with a flat roof over a sloped one. You’ll enjoy a slew of benefits that come along with flat roof installation. Here are some of the reasons why a flat roof will prove to be the right choice for you…. Read more »

What to Look For In a Roof When Buying a New Home

So you’re thinking of buying a new home– that’s great. However, it’s also a little scary, isn’t it? After all, this is one big– no, make that HUGE– purchase. In the process of looking for and then buying a home, you’re going to want to get all the details you can about the place you… Read more »

The Benefits of Cedar Shake Roofs

You can choose from many different types of roofing when it comes time to install a new roof on your home. One of your options is cedar shake, which is a kind of roofing that will make the exterior of your house look rustic. Whether you prefer red, brown, or gold cedar shake, you can… Read more »

The Benefits of Metal Roofing

Building a new roof or replacing an existing one is a major and important undertaking. With several kinds of materials to choose from, picking the best option can be overwhelming. While the idea of a metal roof might not immediately come to mind, its popularity is on the rise because of its durability, longevity, and… Read more »

Four Reasons to Invest in Metal Roofing

Installing a metal roof on your home or business isn’t always the cheapest options, but that extra investment price can pay off greatly in the long term. There’s a range of benefits associated with making the choice to install metal roofing versus other conventional materials. Let’s explore four ways that metal roofing can benefit your… Read more »

All About Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are so common on roofs today that it is hard to imagine roofing before these shingles became popular. However ubiquitous they are today, asphalt shingles didn’t begin to be widely used for roofing until the early part of the 19th century. Let’s take a look back at the history of the development and… Read more »