Are Cedar Shake Roofs Good Investments?

Shingle red cedar wooden shake roof tilesWhat do you know about cedar shake roofs? Used on both residential and commercial buildings around the world, cedar shake roofs are available in beautiful colors, including ambers, reds, golds and browns. For a “natural look” for your roof, cedar shake is the way to go!

Maintains Its Shapes

Even in humid conditions, cedar shake maintains its original dimensions. This dimensional stability is one of its chief attributes. Cedar wood is a low density material and can last a long time since it lies flat, stays straight and holds fastenings tightly.

Resistant to the Elements

Cedar shake roofs are resistant to the elements such that moisture, UV rays, insects and moss don’t really “mess with” these types of roofs. And, if you want your cedar shake to be fire-resistant, the wood can be factory treated for that purpose.

Easy to Maintain

Easy to cut, saw and nail, cedar shake wood is a good choice for a roof because roofers like to work with it, and it also ends up being quite durable in the long run. After all, cedar is one of the world’s toughest woods! It also helps that cedar is a natural insulator, which helps with a home’s heating and cooling bills.

It’s a Visually Pleasing Look

Finally, cedar shake roofing is one to consider because of its beautiful look– if you want an aesthetically appealing roof on your house, cedar shake is a timeless, natural, distinguished look for your home.

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