What Are the Advantages of Gas Fireplaces?

Gas FireplaceBruce’s Chimney Service provides masonry and chimney repair as well as chimney cleaning to homeowners in and around East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

Constant Heat

If you’re building a house or remodeling an older home and thinking about fireplaces, have you considered the advantages of gas fireplaces? Yes, you could get a wood-burning fireplace, but gas ones have many advantages, such as constant heat (which you won’t get from a fireplace using logs).

Less Expensive Heating Bills

If you don’t want to buy, chop or store firewood, get a gas fireplace. Use it to help heat your home and you could save up to 25% on your heating bill(s). And since you don’t have to resort to using wood for a gas fireplace, you won’t have to sweep up ashes or have your chimney cleaned often in order to prevent the build-up of creosote.

Easy to Use

Gas fireplaces can easily be turned on and off with the flip of a switch or the use of a remote control. They’ll warm a room instantly, compared to a wood-burning fireplace which takes time and effort to really get a room warm. Did you know there are gas fireplace models with blowers built-in? Blowers help circulate warm air throughout your home– not just in the one place where the fireplace is located. So, in essence, a gas fireplace can warm up your whole house, and do so rather quickly to boot.

Increases Resale Value

Finally, gas fireplaces add value to a home. They’re stylishly designed in such a way that friends and neighbors will be impressed!

Besides chimney repairs and chimney cleanings, Bruce’s Chimney Service can also construct and/or install fireplaces… so, if you want a gas fireplace installed in your home, call Bruce at 570-424-8891. Oh, and FYI: Bruce’s Chimney Service deals with several types of fireplaces and chimneys including stone, brick, block and stucco.

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