Roof Vents and Ice Dams

With winter now in full swing, that means our homes will be exposed to things such as ice build up or ice dams. Left unmanaged, these accumulations can lead to serious problems, including roof damage or even collapse if excessive weight is added in the form of ice. This is why ensuring that your home is properly ventilated to ensure that ice isn’t allowed to build up and create these excessive accumulations.

When an ice dam forms at the end of the roof, it essentially creates a wall. Then, when the temperature rises after snow has fallen, the snow melts and runs down the roof. When that happens, the ice dams prevent the water from fully making it off the roof, instead pushing the melted moisture back – often under shingles. From there it can seep in and start to drip into the attics and ceilings of a home. In turn, if the water persists, it can lead to the rusting of drywall fasteners, sagging drywall and stains around windows and doors.

To prevent ice dams from forming in the first place, having roof vents installed in the home is a must. What these will do is pull in colder air and will push out warmer air which will help achieve a more moderate temperature barrier between the interior of your home and the roof. If the attic is too warm or poorly insulated, the heat can dissipate and cause melting on the roof. On the other end of the spectrum, attics that are too cold can cause cold air to seep into the home – cold air sinks, after all – which is why ensuring the quality and adequacy of your insulation is also important.

Ventilation helps to achieve this equilibrium and ensure a constant air flow to prevent temperatures from becoming too warm or cool. If you are unsure whether or not the vent is working, simply shoot air from a compressor hose through the vent. Not only will this allow you to see if air is passing through properly, but it can also be a way to determine if your existing vents are clogged or plugged with dirt, dust or even animals.

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