Is The Green Stuff on My Roof a Problem?

Moss grows wild on a roofWhen a roof is wet and shady, guess what likes to grow there? If you guessed moss, you’re right. Now while it may look pretty in some locales, like on old stone buildings in the hilly country of Ireland, it’s not very good for most roofs!

If and when you start to see spongy patches of green moss growing on your Pennsylvania roof shingles, you should get it removed. Roofing by Bruce can do that job.

Moss Grows in Wet and Humid Conditions

While moss can grow anywhere, it especially likes to grow in wet and humid conditions. When it grows on shingles, it can make its way under the shingles and damage the roof. It can also damage the shingles themselves. Basically, moss allows moisture into shingles and the roof, and moisture is exactly what you don’t want there.

Are Power Washers an Option?

Some people will use a broom to loosen and brush moss off their roof. That might work out okay. If you’re tempted to get rid of it using a power washer machine, don’t do it! You’ll be doing more harm than good to your roof and its shingles. Power washers are fine for removing moss from patio bricks– but not roof shingles.

Combination Cleaners

Stubborn moss can be removed using a combination of bleach and water sprayed on affected areas– wait a while and then rinse it off with more water. People also use a combination of vinegar and water. There are also chemical sprays you can buy and spray on your mossy roof, but keep in mind that such chemicals will come off the roof and end up on plants below.

Professional Roofing Companies

Ideally, removing moss from a residential roof should be a job left to professionals who have the know-how and tools to get the job done quickly and safely. In the Poconos, call Roofing by Bruce to deal with your mossy roof conditions. Please call 570-424-8891 to schedule an appointment.

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