How Do I Pick a Good Roofer?

Hiring a RooferHow do you pick a good roofer? It’s a good idea to ask friends and family members about their past experiences with roofers… this way you’ll get an idea of the roofers they liked, and the ones they did not like. Furthermore, go online and read reviews. You can also call around and talk on the phone with various companies. Ask questions. See how you feel about how they treated you on the phone.


It’s always a good idea to talk to at least three potential roofers and get estimates from each of them. You can compare the bids and see which one makes the most sense to you. It has often been said you get what you pay for, so when a particular roofer barely writes any details down and puts a very low price for his or her services, one might wonder if the quality is… “less than stellar.” Right? Consequently, some roofers will have very high prices and that could cause you to say, “That’s just way out of my budget.” Generally, when there are three bids, the “middle” one is chosen.


Of course, with roofers, it’s more than just a price thing. You’ll also want to know about their credentials. Have they been in business a long time with many satisfied customers? Or are they brand new and this is one of their first jobs? Furthermore, do they have a good reputation in the community, or not? Are they licensed and insured? What kind of training and knowledge and expertise do they have?


Basically, if and when a roofer seems to be hiding something from you, or they’re too vague, or “sketchy,” then you’re probably not going to trust him or her with your roof (and your money). But if they can answer all your questions with coherent answers and they treat you in a courteous and professional manner, you’ll consider hiring them.


Before you hire a roofer, review the contract and warranty with them. Make sure they know exactly what you expect from them and that you know exactly what they plan to do and when they’ll have the job done.

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