General Signs Your Home Needs Masonry Repairs

Masonry Repairs Do you have stone, brick, or stucco built into the design of the exterior of your home? Whether you have a stone facade on the front of your home or a chimney made from brick, it’s important for you to keep an eye on your masonry work to see if it ever needs to be repaired. When maintained properly, masonry can add a certain sense of charm and character to a home. However, when it falls into a state of disrepair, it can drag the aesthetic appeal of a home way down. Here are some signs it’s time to do masonry repairs.

Cracks in your masonry

Cracks in masonry are a huge cause for concern and should be addressed right away. While it’s not out of the ordinary to see a crack form in a brick wall or chimney, a crack can allow moisture to work its way into your masonry. That can cause further damage down the line. It’s why you should have a crack fixed by the professionals immediately.

Mortar missing from your masonry

The mortar that’s used to hold masonry walls together isn’t designed to last forever. In most cases, you’ll need to have mortar repaired or replaced about once every 15 years or so. But at times, mortar will wear out quicker than that. If you ever see spots where mortar is missing within your masonry, have those spots filled in by someone who knows what they’re doing. They’ll use the right kind of mortar to make your masonry wall or chimney strong again.

Bricks missing from your masonry

This is probably the most obvious sign that you need masonry repairs. And yet, you might be surprised by how many people see a brick or stone missing from a wall or chimney and don’t do anything about it. Once one brick or stone falls out, it can start to put pressure on other bricks and stones and pop them out, too. Therefore, you should have your masonry inspected and repaired right away to prevent a bigger problem down the line.

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