Add Heating and an Attractive Look With a Gas Fireplace

Winter is coming, and with it come shorter days, longer nights, overall much colder temperatures. If you find yourself feeling chilly during the winter, one way to keep yourself warm – and add a little aesthetic value to your home – is with a brand new gas fireplace! There are a lot of reasons why you should consider adding a gas fireplace to your home this winter. Take a look at a few of our top reasons why gas fireplaces are a great addition!

Easy to Vent

Gas pipes are easy to install to vent your gas-burning fireplace. Unlike installing a new wood-burning stove or traditional fireplace, you don’t have to install a whole new chimney for a gas fireplace as they don’t require a standard chimney to vent. The only thing you might need to install is a small vent pipe, which is a fraction of the cost and installation of adding a whole new chimney.

Great for Spot Heating

If you have a family with small kids or you’re entertaining guests, a great benefit to a gas fireplace is spot heating. If the kids are cold after coming in from sledding, they can come in and quickly stand in front of the hot fireplace to regain a little feeling. Or if you’re chilly while entertaining company, you can fire up your fireplace! Add a little extra heat to any room of your home with a new gas fireplace.

No Electricity Required

Even if the power is out, your gas fireplace will still work. That means that even if a serious snow or ice storm causes a blackout, you’ll still be able to light up the fire and keep the family comfortable until the power returns.

It Looks Attractive

Most fireplaces add a certain quality to a living room. They usually open up a room and make it feel a little bit bigger than it really is. Adding a fireplace can add a little something to the overall design and feel of a room. Plus, by adding a new fireplace, you can add appeal to your home and even increase the resale value – a double benefit if you’re looking to list your home!

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