A Beginner’s Guide to a Leaky Roof

Roofing by Bruce sees a lot of leaking roofs in the Poconos. Ideally, our job is to find leaks and fix them fast. After all, a leak that keeps going can ultimately cause a lot of damage. The sooner the leak is caught and fixed, the better!

Signs of Leaky Roof

How do you know if you have a leaky roof? Look for signs. Do you see any water dripping from your ceiling? Are there dark stains on the ceiling? Have you noticed any spots on the ceiling that look out of place? You could have leaks. If you notice damp spots around interior vents, fireplaces, light fixtures or even electrical outlets, leaks may be present. If you get a chance, look on the roof to see if you’ve got loose, missing, curling or buckling shingles. What about the flashing around the chimney? Do you notice cracked sealant? Is paint peeling under roof eaves? There are so many ways water can find its way into a house. Roof leaks are the worst!

Finding the Source of the Leak

Finding roof leaks can be tricky. Water might travel from an entry point to another point in the house where you wouldn’t expect it. Water could end up behind your drywall, in the rafters, running down pipes, etc. Usually, it takes a professional to come to your house and pinpoint the leak– from its start to its finish. He or she will often check the attic, looking for signs like discolored wood, mold, etc. Leaks often occur at or near vent pipes and/or chimney flashing.

Common causes of roof leaks include ice dams, clogged gutters, and damaged shingles, Problems often occur at/around roof vent pipes, air vents, chimneys, roof valleys, nails, dormers and skylights.

The older the roof, the more likely it can and will leak. After all, weather beats it up day after day for many years. Materials deteriorate over time. If your roof is older than 15 years, you might get some “old age” leaks. Holes and cracks happen.

If and when you suspect your roof is leaking, please give Roofing by Bruce a call at 570-424-8891 or email info@roofingbybruce.com.

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