Situations that Could Lead to Emergency Roof Repairs or Replacement

roof replacement servicesRoofing by Bruce keeps in contact with roof material manufacturers in order to know and understand the best ways to install today’s roofs as well as see what current material improvements are available. Serving the people, homes and buildings of the Poconos, Roofing by Bruce is located in East Stroudsburg, PA, and often gets calls about potential emergency situations that require a roof repair or replacement. What are some of those situations?

Examples of Emergency Roofing Situations

If your roof gets struck by lightning, you might need a roof repair, right? Lightning storms roll through Pennsylvania and occasionally mess with roofs creating fire hazards that require quick fixes. Furthermore, if and when there’s a fire in a person’s home, that fire could negatively affect the roof, requiring a visit from Roofing by Bruce to assess any damage and figure out what needs to be done to ensure the roof stays safe and doesn’t collapse. \When gutters go bad and flashing doesn’t work as intended, water on the roof can get out of control to the point where shingles are ruined. If you notice curled or loose shingles on your roof, you might have a water problem up there. Water damage to the roof can lead to dangerous leaks, so it’s important to have a professional assess what needs fixing or replacement so no one gets hurt and/or rooms in the house aren’t ruined by terrible water leaks.

No one likes natural disasters, especially when they’re too close to home. If and when a tornado comes through town, and/or an intense storm filled with wind, rain, hail or snow hits the Poconos, nature could (and often does) wreck havoc with roofs. Nature is responsible for plenty of calls to Roofing by Bruce.

Finally, while most roofs are well-made and installed properly, sometimes faulty manufacturing or improper installation creates an emergency situation that calls for roof repair or replacement. It’s important to choose wisely when picking people to work on your roof– a guy in a van going around the neighborhood, knocking on your door and offering to do roof work at rock bottom prices often leads to calls to Roofing by Bruce to fix the poor workmanship.

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