Reasons to Consider a Gas Fireplace Insert

Gas Fireplace InsertsMany area homes have traditional fireplaces. If you want to help heat your home, they’re not the best option for that– gas fireplace inserts, however, are. Inserts are heating appliances you place inside your old fireplace. Buying and using one can save you money because you don’t have to renovate or rebuild your old fireplace. You’re just using it in a new, convenient way that doesn’t involve burning wood.

The Benefits of Gas Fireplace Inserts

People like using gas fireplace inserts because they help cut down on energy bills. They’re environmentally-friendly and make your home’s heating system more efficient.

With older, traditional fireplaces, you have to deal with a lot of stuff, from “the damper,” to “kindling,” and then some. And, of course, there’s wood involved. But with gas fireplace inserts, it’s easier and cleaner. You don’t even need an existing chimney for installation– just proximity to the roof or an outside wall.

Heating with gas typically involves a gas vent pipe installation at minimal cost. Furthermore, gas models can be placed not just in a living room (where most fireplaces are), but in other rooms like your bedroom, kitchen or even the bathroom. Gas models can be compact — they’re small but give off plenty of heat. You can use them for “zone heating,” whereas you pick the places in your home you’d most like kept toasty warm… basically, heat your living areas, with little-to-no electricity required. Gas fireplaces run on the power of the pilot flame, which helps keep your overall energy costs down. Meanwhile, natural gas is one of the least expensive fuels available.

Are you looking for the ultimate in controlled heat? Talk to us about a gas fireplace insert– call 570-424-8891. We utilize the Regency brand of gas fireplaces, stoves and inserts in a range of styles to suit your home.

Designed to fit into your existing masonry fireplace, having a Regency gas fireplace insert helps fix cold chimney draft, lowers your home heating bill, and updates the look of your room. Even if there’s a power outage, the gas insert works, keeping you warm. Regency gas fireplace inserts are backed by the industry’s best warranty. Performance is top-notch; Safety and quality are keywords associated with the Regency brand.

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