If Your Roof is Old, Have it Professionally Inspected Before Winter

Roof EstimatesThe average person doesn’t think about their roof. But they should– and they should get it inspected to make sure “everything’s okay up there.” What are some reasons to get a roof estimate done before winter?

Spring and Summer Put Roofs to the Test

For starters, spring and summer can be hard on a roof. Think of all the rain and storms that occur during the year. It makes sense to have a professional roof inspector check for any damages on the roof before winter weather arrives. That way, problems can be fixed before the roof is covered with snow and ice.

Is There Unwanted Vegetation or Pests?

Since most people don’t think much about their roofs, anything could be happening up there and homeowners might be blissfully unaware. That said, what if there’s vegetation growth? Or a squirrel or racoon has taken up residence in a hole in the roof? What about debris such as heavy dead branches? Or maybe the roof is aging, and it’s starting to sag? A lot of these “hidden issues” can be discovered and fixed before winter. It’s a good idea to find small problems now rather than have to deal with big problems later.

Winterization Options to Prevent Damage

A roofer can help winterize your roof in order to prevent new damage. For instance, if there are missing or loose shingles, he or she can replace them. Shingles can be properly sealed, too, which helps form an airtight, moisture-resistant barrier. That way you don’t get water leaks in the winter. Obviously, roof repairs are best done before the temperature drops below freezing!

Get Ahead of Problems

Ideally, you don’t want any major roof issues in the winter when it’s so cold outside. Otherwise, you’ve got cold air and wet snow coming into your house. Enjoy peace of mind by having your roof inspected this Fall and getting any issues taken care of before the snow flies.

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