How Often Should You Replace Your Windows?

Installing New Windows The windows in your home are, unfortunately, not going to last forever. Regardless of whether you have vinyl windows, wood windows, or another type of windows, you can typically expect to get somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 to 25 years out of them. After that, you’ll need to seriously consider replacing them with new windows to keep your home energy efficient and safe. Check out a few signs that’ll let you know it’s time to replace your windows below.

Your windows don’t look nice anymore.

Over time, the style of your home is inevitably going to change, both on the inside and outside. You’re going to switch up the siding on your home or remodel the interior of it, and it’s going to have an effect on your home’s windows. If you find that your windows don’t go with the style of your home anymore, it might be time to replace them with a newer option.

Your windows are driving your energy bills up.

If your energy bills keep going up every month, it could be because your windows aren’t providing your home with enough insulation anymore. Older windows usually have just one pane of glass in them, and it doesn’t offer much in terms of protection from the elements. Newer windows have double and even triple-pane glass that is designed to keep air from the outside out and air inside of your home in.

Your windows are in constant need of repair.

Does it feel like you’re being forced to fix another window every time you turn around? This is yet another sign that it’s probably time for you to invest in new windows. No matter how old they are, your windows shouldn’t be costing you a fortune in repairs every year. Rather than fixing them again, replace your windows with new ones that won’t need to be repaired anytime soon.

If it’s been 15, 20, or even 25 years since the last time the windows in your home were replaced, Roofing By Bruce can take a look at them and let you know if you should consider replacing them. Call us at 570-424-8891 today for window and siding repair and installation.

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