Here’s Why You Should Install a New Roof This Summer

roofer next to the chimney verifying the tilesRoofing By Bruce is now scheduling roof installations for the summer of 2021. We are trained on the best ways of installation and experienced with the Nor-Eastern Nailing System, which is best for our area– The Poconos. This nailing system helps provide better endurance for roofs when they have to battle the harsh winter weather in this part of Pennsylvania. 

The Benefits of Having a New Roof Installed in the Summer

As summer months approach, we can expect the weather to warm up and for there to be more days full of sunshine. With that in mind, what are some benefits of installing a new roof in the summer? 

If you think about it, winter has terribly harsh weather including snow and ice– not an easy time to install a roof, right? And Spring weather can be very unpredictable. One day it’s 70 degrees out and the next it’s snowing and 32 degrees! Spring’s fair share of rain isn’t always ideal for installing a roof. What about Fall? Well, the weather gets colder and there’s the freeze/thaw cycle that starts up around October/November, so that’s not always the best time to be working on a new roof. Summer is a good season to install new roofs because the weather is fairly warm, dry, and predictable. Summer weather makes it easy to work with things like asphalt shingles and wood frames. 

Summer is usually a season when roofers have less demands on their time than in the Spring or Fall, so it’s a good time to get on the schedule for a roof installation. It’s best to call early in the season in order to get on the calendar for work to be done in, say, June, July or August. 

Finally, there’s the issue of energy efficiency. Most people use their air conditioners during summer in the Poconos. If they’ve got an older/leaky roof, some of that expensive cool air can escape from the attic and force the HVAC to work harder and longer… thus increasing energy bills. Therefore, it makes sense to install a new energy-efficient roof in the early summer. New roofs can also help save on heating bills in the winter. 

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