Cut Down on Energy Costs This Winter

winter money saving tipsAs temperatures drop and you shut off your air conditioner in favor of your heater or fireplace, you’re likely looking to spend as little as possible while still keeping your home warm. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to cut down on your home energy costs over the next several months, and we’re here to provide you with a few tips.

While you’re going to need to turn on some source of heat during the coldest days of the year, there are also a few things you can do to stay warm without spending money. Keep plenty of warm socks, sweaters, and other clothing items and accessories nearby. When you cook dinner in the oven, leave the oven door open after taking out the food to let some excess heat escape into your home.

You may be tempted to turn up the thermostat at night, but that’s actually not a great idea. If you turn the thermostat down from where you like it about 10 degrees while you’re sleeping and at work, you cut down on almost 16 hours of extended use every day. Instead, bundle up with a heavy-duty comforter, flannel sheets, and additional blankets to keep warm.

Another great money-saving strategy is to only heat the rooms that you’re using at the time. If you plan on spending the evening in your living room, turn on your nearby fireplace rather than using a heater to warm up the entire house. As long as you’re comfortable in the room you’re in, don’t worry if the spare bedroom or office feels like a refrigerator.

With these tips in mind we know you will be cutting down on your heating bills this summer, so don’t forget them when the time comes!

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