The importance of Chimney Repointing

Over time, the mortar between the bricks on your chimney could degrade and break down. This is due to the extreme elements of the outdoors they are exposed to on a daily basis, especially in more seasonal climates. In extreme cases, the mortar can wear right through, exposing even the inside of your chimney to… Read more »

How To Tell If Your Chimney Needs Repair

It won’t always be obvious when your chimney needs repair. In fact sometimes the signs that a chimney needs a little work are hard to see and can only be found when you’re looking for them directly. Knowing what to look for can help you spot issues quickly and before they develop into costly, time… Read more »

The Truth Behind Roof Rot

Any kind of water penetration into a house allows the rapid growth of wood dry rot, molds and mildews. It is the rapid onset of molds and the later development wood rot or dry rot, which makes recovering houses that have stood in flood waters so problematic. It’s not so much the mud, garbage or… Read more »

Skylight Increase Curb Appeal for Good Reason

Skylights can spruce up any space. They improve your quality of life with natural light and flood your home with elements of the open floorplan that is trendier today than ever. Moreover, the aesthetics skylights bring to a building are unmatched as far as components to contemporary design. Energy Cost Savings In addition to providing… Read more »

The Evolution of Roofing: A Short Synopsis

Modern roofing has come a long way since thatched roofing was conceived about 3000 years ago. Now with essentially worry-free roofing options, synthetics and polymers have given homeowners endless options for the perfect mix of charm and durability, standing up to even the harshest of conditions. Though still very common around the globe- even in… Read more »

The Benefits to Gas Fireplace Inserts

Traditional wood-burning fireplaces perpetuate messiness. Between the lost bark from logs and paper scraps or the used matches required to light the pilot/kindling your living room could look like a disaster area before you know. Then of course there’s the hassle of having to pick up and haul the logs inside from the cold. Traditional… Read more »

Benefits to a Fireplace

Fireplaces are a great addition to any home, but how do you know whether gas or wood is the best choice? While both have a lot to offer a residence, gas fireplaces have an abundance of benefits. For example, gas fireplaces provide steady, consistent heating for your home. The heat from a wood fireplace decreases… Read more »


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